Pashto Academy Mecongi Road, Mali Bagh, Quetta.

د پښتو اکېډمۍ کوټي د صدر سيد خېر محمد عارف پېغام

Name ‎Syed Khair Muhammad Arif ‎
Father NameSyed Yar Muhammad
Qualification ‎B.A
DesignationRetired employ
Publication ‎1: Da Attan nary, 2: Tareen aw tareno, 3: Zmozh gazian aw shahedan, 4: Pashto zhaba aw adabyat, 5: Da Gharo adbai syrana, 6: Dywalona vesh di.

Pashto academy was the first Pashto language and literary institute in Balochistan was established in the year 1971, in a rented flat on Toghi Road Quetta. The great freedom fighter Khan Shahid Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai inaugurated the first Pashto language and literary institute in Baluchistan. According to him, the academy will be important institution for the development of Pashto language, culture, Pashto literature and folklore.
Although for a long time the academy was slowly moving towards its vision, but since the 2013 Pashto Academy took rapid steps for development of Pashto language, culture, Pashto literature and folklore. Pashto Academy is considered as an important institution for the development Pashto Language and preservation of historical scripts.
Pashto Academy published about 100 plus books so far, the academy has also published a quarterly magazine called “Lekanee” in the shape of books on regular basis. In Quarterly magazine, a specific part is provided for women and their role in the society to promote and developed Pashto language, Culture and literature. It also helps to highlight the issues that women of Pashto society facing. Besides that, academy also arrange different programs/events for women to acknowledge their work and build their interest in taking part of the development of Pashto Language. For that purpose, academy started in 2017 Pashto courses for both man and woman, in order to give words to their experience and feelings.
‏ The Pashto Academy celebrates Pashtun Culture Day, International Language Day and other national days in a timely manner with the participation of people from all the fields of life. The Pashto Academy also organizes an international seminar every two years, the seminar invites Pashto language scholars and writers from all provinces of Pakistan as well International writer and scholars, Local poets and writers from the all districts of “southern Pakhtunkhwa” are also invited to attend the seminar. This means that if the Pashtun brothers continue to support us morally for the development of Pashto. So, insha Allah, the Pashto Academy will soon be one of the great institutions of the country that all Pashtuns will be proud of.