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Pashto Academy Mecongi Road, Mali Bagh, Quetta.

Finance Secretary Reviews

‎Name ‎

Prof: Dr Barkat Shah Kakar

Father Name

Abdul Jabar

Qualification ‎

Ph.D.  Pashto



Publication ‎

1: Ph.D. thesis: Da pashtonwalai pa raghasht Ki da imkanato takal, ‎ 2: 40 Research Articles, 3: Editor Research journal Amal e Pemah, 4:  Editor Research journal Aksul Amal, 5: Editor Research journal Takatoo.   

Pashto Academy Quetta is one of the leading academic, research and scholarly spaces which has carried out outstanding endeavors for the promotion of Pashto Language Literature, History and Culture. Particularly, the academy has made prominent advancement during the last decade. A huge social capital has been earned through her interventions in the domains of conducting international seminars, dialogues, publications, networking with academic and research institutions, youth competition programs, cultural festivals celebrations and engaging wider range of audiences through theatrical performances. Academy has been frequently conducting international language and Pashtun’s culture days each year and has also initiated basic and advanced Pashto literacy courses.

Publications of the original research and translations pertaining to Pashto Language, Literature, Culture, History and Archeology has been one of the leading interventions of the academy, since inception hundreds of books have been published. In this connection, Publication of the literary Pashto journal, “Likani” has been published by academy regularly which has ignited the tradition of writing papers and essays of literary, creative, and academic nature in Pashto Language.

As grantee of the Government of Balochistan, Pashto Academy has developed viable administrative and financial mechanisms which have gradually increased efficiency and good will in the public and private domains. One of the greatest potential which has made this space extraordinary exceptional is the volunteer contribution of all the members of academy who discuss, design, execute and analyze almost all the operations.

Pashto Academy seeks to develop sustainable partnerships with the public especially for promoting literacy, readings, dialogues, seminars and debates on the different themes of Pashtun culture, history, literature and language. District based Pashto literacy centers will gradually be evolved to full-fledge literary and research spaces where libraries, resource centers and use of ICTs could be harnessed to promote peace, culture of dialogue, analysis and literary works and above all promotion of the repressed knowledge, folk wisdom and diverse forms of cultural and social ecologies.

Through its networks with national, regional and global literary, research and arts academies, Academy intends to diversify and enrich its means towards the ends of an educated, tolerant, peaceful and dialogical Pashtun socieity.