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Pashto Academy Mecongi Road, Mali Bagh, Quetta.


Board Procurement Committee

The Board Procurement Committee is formed by Executive board when requires, it includes members of Pashto Academy and a specialist firm/Individual from outside. The Board Procurement Committee shall:

  • It ensure transparency in the procurementtransactions brought before the Committee. The Committee shall also ensure in the procurement transactions, the compliance of the provisions of the Baluchistan Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (BPPRA) Rules and with SoP’s of Pashto Academy Baluchistan, Quetta.

It includes two type of Committees:

  1. Book Publication Committee:

The main responsibility of this company is to select a publisher via tendering process as per rules prescribed by BPPRA.

  1. General Procurement Committee:

Procurement of the Office Supplies, Repair and Maintenance and Construction services as per rules prescribed by BPPRA.