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Pashto Academy Mecongi Road, Mali Bagh, Quetta.

General Secretary Reviews

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Prof: Khalil Ul Rehman bawar

Father Name

Din Muhammad

Qualification ‎

M.Phil. Pashto


Assistant professor

Publication ‎

1: Da Tehqiq lar shood

Pashto Academy was established in the year 1971. It is a Non-Political, Non-Profitable and Educational Institute responsible for Preserving, Developing and Promoting the existing collection of Pashto Language, Literature, Culture and history.
The Academy is striving to fulfill this responsibility in various fields with its limited resources. First publishes valuable manuscripts that have not yet been published. Presently, if someone writes or translates a standard book on research or criticism and is related to Pashtoonism academy publishes it with its own resources. Academy also assists to make the Pashtoon writers; Creators, Artists and researchers sound intellectually/Technically, and also encourage them through prizes and Awards.
LEKANEE is a quarterly magazine of Pashto Academy that publishes research, critical and creative unpublished standard articles/letters to deliver to readers of Pashto language Literature. It teaches young boys and girls who are deprived of reading and writing in their mother tongue to read and write….
Through international and regional conferences that paves the way for closer and stronger ties between Pashtoons of both sides of Durand Line and to other literary institutions of other languages around the globe.
The academy also focuses on attracting a new generation to its history, geography and culture. Especially, for Woman’s and children’s announces program through use of new Technologies and appreciate their efforts and highlights their views to the world.